When to Quit Your Full Time Job to Run Your business; The best advice I ever received.

The best advice I ever received about starting a business while still working a full time job went a little something like this:

“Work your full time job until it gets in the way of running your business.”

This advice assumes a few things:

  1. You’re actually earning income with your business.
  2. Your day job is really getting in the way of your scaling your business.
  3. You won’t go bankrupt and jeopardize your ability to feed your family if you quit your full time job.

There’s no shame in your business being your side hustle for a time. And look, there’s also no shame in your business being your side hustle forever if you’re just looking for some extra cash or to do something that feeds your soul and you truly enjoy your career.

I know in the enterpernial world people like to say things like, “it’s either a business or a hobby.” and I understand the sentiment behind that. But as a family who earns multiple 6 figures with our day jobs, we had a long way to go to turn our side hustle into a viable business that could sustain our family and our lifestyle. And sometimes that can make you feel like a failure as a business owner if you don’t quickly scale your business to make that kind of money.

It took us a few years and A LOT of lessons learned, and we are just now nearly approaching that point. Because there’s much more than meets the eye when it comes to actually being profitable with your business.

Lots of people will try to sell you the glamorous side entrepreneurship.

Here’s the truth – it’s difficult.

But the other side of that truth is – it’s possible.

And another layer of it – it usually takes time.

So work your day job with no shame until you have a viable business and the ability to scale. And know that you are an absolute rockstar as your building it. Because it’s hard to do both. But it’s totally possible.

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