The Power of Choice

octoberMmmmm – October. It calls me, with it’s pumpkin everything, crockpot meals and Oktoberfest beers. Hoodies and boots. Yep, when it comes to October, I don’t really veer off the beaten path. I love it in all it’s cliché majesty. I think it contains everything that nourishes my soul.

But the interesting thing about October is that it actually talks to me. It’s asks things of me. And not just, “Do you want to make another pumpkin roll?” (Which by the way, the answer is always YES!) It asks – the hard stuff.

Maybe it’s the notable change in surroundings. Maybe it’s in preparation for the winter of things. But either way, October shows up and asks me things. Beautiful things.

It sends a clear request to walk a little slower. To pay closer attention. To keep your eyes up but your gaze within. October begs for quiet reflection.

It carries the feeling of new choices on the edges of it’s crisp breeze. It forces the observation of change.

But then – there’s something about the cool air that brings a teeny tiny sense of sadness at the bottom of my exhale. Perhaps it’s the visual reminder of time gone by. October forces me to stop and take note. To realize – things change – sometimes real fast.

And even more, it reminds me that I have a choice. For me – it’s my birthday month – so it kind of forces me to remember I have a choice.

This year in particular, as I’m pushing the limits of my 30’s – lot’s of realizations – lot’s of reflection. There’s nothing like another year gone to make you stop and examine for a minute. Am I doing what I want to be doing? Am I living the life I want to be living? Am I showing up in my life as the person I want to be? Am I offering my whole heart to those I love? Am I offering my whole heart to myself? Am I standing in my power?

As I see it, the clear answer is – Yes!

Aaaaaaand also – No.

So – what is this dichotomy? When I get up everyday, what am I actually choosing? What do I have the power to choose? Certain parts of life are less ‘optional’ than others. Right? Certain things just are the way they are.

The monotony of day to day life – that’s just part of the gig, huh?

Well, that depends.

The truth is that if there’s something else you want, if there is another aspect of life you reeeeeally want – you choose if it’s possible or not.

 The obligations you continue to give priority to. It’s a choice.

You can just as easily choose to do something different as you can to keep doing the same old thing. There is the same amount of power in either choice.

Lack of choosing – is still a choice. Choosing to stay the same. Choosing to reject growth. Choosing to hold back. Choosing the safe path.

Inside every indecision is a blatant choice to remain the same.

Everyday you have the opportunity to choose something different. You can choose to reflect. You can choose to withdraw. You can let light in so you can see your shadow. Everyday – the choice is yours.

It doesn’t have to be a catastrophic change. The choice doesn’t have to shake the foundation of who you are – however – those choices are monumental amounts of fun. But you can choose to smile when you see someone. You can choose to ask sincere questions. You can choose to accept help where you normally wouldn’t. You can choose to see the perspective of someone else. You can choose to reach for that thing you believe is just beyond your grasp.

You can choose to change your mind.

There are an infinite amount of opportunities everyday to choose something different that can take you in a direction that you didn’t believe was possible.

October is all around us – begging us move a little slower. Become more intentional. To realize the power that comes from reflection. It’s going to keep showing up as a reminder of the power of choice.

What are you choosing?

I’m choosing me – the real me. I’m choosing to speak up. I’m choosing to write. I’m choosing to put those little words out into the world and see where they take me.


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