OMG! Is That Me?

UnwaveringCompassOMG! Is That Me?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and been hit by the “OMG! Is That Me” train”?  Most of the time that question goes a lot deeper than just the reflection.  It’s the moment that you look in the mirror and see your mom staring back at you.  And that’s not a bad thing, in fact for me it’s a great thing.  Except that it’s my mom, and she is 20 years older than me, but now all of the sudden I’m her.  I’m the mom of this life!

Years have flown off the calendar and I see it in my face and I’m thankful for all I have, but every so often I say to myself, “Is this life that I’m living everything that I want it to be?”

Do you ever have those moments? Do you stop and ask, ‘am I being true to myself?’  ‘Am I living out my dreams, or have I let everything else hijack my life?’

We are not just moms and toilet scrubbers and the crazy lady throwing on her red high heels in the morning as she’s screaming off to work…late…again.

There is a woman in there who is still beautiful and totally sexy. There is woman in there who is calm and together.  There is a woman in there who drinks a glass of wine alone on the porch at sunset instead of while hiding from the kids in the pantry.

The thing is, we get caught up in the everyday life and before we realize it January is July and a half a year has disappeared and it happens year after year until we look in the mirror and hardly recognize the person we see.

It is very easy to succumb to the stresses of your life. You reach a point where the goal is to survive the day.  Day in day out.  Should the goal ever really be to just survive?  Is that living?

You should be experiencing your life!  You should be living your own story!

You should be surrounded by people who love you.

You should have friends who inspire you and feed your soul.

You should be around like-minded people who are as committed to you as you are to them.

Your success as a human being, as a woman, is highly reliant on the relationships you foster. Drive out the negative forces that bring you down.

Stand up to things in your life that threaten your growth. And at the same time don’t pressure yourself to always be better, because maybe today you are pretty damn fantastic just the way you are.

Grab ahold of the things in life that inspire you. Listen to the song that speaks to your soul.  Pay attention to where it takes you.  Recreate that feeling somehow in another way.

Pick up pen and write something.

Read, read and keep reading. Feed your creative mind until it begs you for a nap.

Reward yourself with silence. Spend a little time remembering who you were before you created this beautifully chaotic life.

Do that over and over! Don’t fall prey to survival.

You don’t have to live a large and grandiose life in order to experience great things. Hand a flower to a stranger and see a tear of gratitude in their eyes and you will understand that.  It happens!  I’ve seen it.

Be the goodness! Be the unwavering compass of your own life.  Don’t rely on anyone else to give you a map to your own happiness.

Experience your life in such a way that the next time you find yourself asking, “OMG! Is That Me”, the answer is, “Hell Yes it is!!”

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  1. ~Jilly

    A beautifully written blog that must be shared with the world. Your messages are inspirational and touch home. As I tiptoe very slowly toward my 40th birthday, I feel the world has surpassed me and left me behind. While taking care of everyone around me, did I lose “me” somewhere along the way. You are a breath of fresh air!

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