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Recently, the world changed. And people are rightfully concerned. Right now, we don’t know when things will go back to normal. Or if things will go back to normal.

Furthermore, many of us don’t even know if we WANT things to go back to 'normal.' Especially if normal  meant going to a job you hate and rushing around in a reality that doesn’t represent the life you envision. 

The world is holding its breath. Waiting to see how all this is going to play out. Things are uncertain for sure. But what I know, is that despite the anxiety and turmoil, moments like these also create a fortuitous advantage - the opportunity to reflect and dig deep.

We have a unique opportunity right now, in that for most of us, the world has essentially paused. And inside that pause you have the opportunity to determine what you want your life to look like on the other side of this crisis.

You can either go back to life as usual (whatever that will be) when the time comes, or you can consider what you want the next chapter to look like and how you can start creating it NOW. 

If there’s any part of you that doesn’t want to go back to business as usual, this is your chance to think about what you DO want your life to look like on the other side. Who do you want to be when this is all over? And what’s standing in the way of that?

This is the time to DO the thing you’ve always wanted to do. To pursue the dream that you can’t stop thinking about. If it’s starting the business, writing the book, pursuing the passion project that you didn’t previously have time for. Well, the time is NOW.

This is a pivotal time. Really! 

It’s weird. It’s interesting. It’s a constant duality where we wonder if grocery stores are going to be fully stocked anytime soon while at the same time we’re panic eating all the baked goods and boredom eating ourselves into leggings being the only viable option we have for pants. It’s straight weird to say the least. 

And no one really knows what to make of it. 

What I think we can all agree on though, is that as we come out of this cocoon we’re in, life is going to look different. How different? Well, that remains to be seen. And it also depends on what you do inside this bubble. 

If you’re anything like me, you’re looking for the silver lining in this otherwise dark cloud. And here it is:

This is the perfect opportunity to rewrite your story. To consider what you want the next chapter to look like and to determine what is standing in the way of the success that’s waiting for you on the other side.

In this Mini Course, I’m going to give you my 5 Step Framework to Shift your Story. This is the framework I used as I created my Real Estate Investing Business that’s done almost $2M in real estate deals in its first few years and created almost 6-Figures or recurring yearly revenue that allowed me to quit my soul sucking JOB. 

Whether you’ve tried before and not followed through, or you’ve started a new project and it’s not moving as fast as you want it to, or you’re just stuck and don’t know where to start - you can Identify the story that’s keeping you stuck, and rewrite in a way that makes your success inevitable.

Come join the Mini Course! And get LIVE support from me while you start shifting your own story. 

Get the course today for only $27


Julie would share a perspective of my mindset in a matter of a few words only. She would say “just enough” and then followed it by, “write that shit out and retell it the way you want it.” Empowering thyself was always the key. Rather than relying on Julie as my savior, Herstory is designed to help us all awaken into our truest light.

Krista Layne

Owner - Live True Apothecary

Get the course today for only $27

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