I’m Julie. Former 9-5’er turned full time entrepreneur. A working mom (of 3 busy, totally different, sometimes insane kids) somehow managing to keep my home, family and business from totally imploding on itself on a daily basis. Well, most days. 

I left behind a 15 year career in cyber security to scale the side hustle business I built with my husband in my spare time. In just a few years I went from a full-time employee with a side hustle to a full-time entrepreneur building a portfolio of Airbnb rentals and flipping houses. 

After leaving my full-time job, I decided to go all in on building this community to stand with women as they pursue the life and business they know they’re meant for while also balancing all their other responsibilities. 

I know the hustle for women is hard. And it’s even harder with kids and a job. But if you have a glimpse of a vision, an inkling of a dream that keeps you up at night, then let me tell you – this is your place and I am your person. This community is for you. And you can build the life and business you imagined. 

Things I love with all my heart:

  • Beginnings. The beginning of the week. The beginning of the month. A new idea. A new project. A blank page. It’s all ripe with possibility. And that’s my jam.
  • Deep and insightful talks with my best friends – followed by glasses of wine and what can only be described as echoing witchy cackles.
  • A book that’s good enough to drown out the sound of 3 really loud children.
  • Being an introvert and finally having reached a point in my life where I can enforce those boundaries without feeling like there’s something inherently wrong with me.
  • Anything that reminds me that I’m free and that any limitations I feel, are self imposed.
  • The Hustle. I love the hustle. In time where the hustle is vilified, I still can’t help myself. It’s in my blood. 

Beyond all that, I’m just a regular gal who started about 4 years ago with a big vision. A vision that I brought to life by being real with myself about the bullshit stories I had been telling myself that were holding me back. Oh and throw in A LOT of perseverance.

Since conceiving that vision, I co-created a real-estate investment company that’s done almost $2M in real estate deals in only a few years that allowed me to quit my six-figure job.

I also created Herstory Now. This space was born from my realization that any woman can change her life when she’s willing to rewrite what she believes is possible for herself and she’s determined to go after it with everything she’s got.

So, if there’s a stirring in your soul telling you there’s more to life than what you’re living; if you have a burning desire to take back control of your entire life; if you are prepared to live in relentless pursuit of your own vision, then you’re in the right place.


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