I’m Julie, a working mom of 3 busy, totally different, sometimes insane kids. I’m managing a career in cyber security (not for much longer though), a real-estate investing company (think Flip or Flop), HerStory Now (this blog) and being a mother and a wife and a friend and all the other roles I might have that didn’t make the list.

Notice I didn’t say I was balancing all these things. Because I’m not. Not even a little. I’m managing – sometime just barely – to do all the things I want and need to do in order to write the story of my life the way that I want to live it.

And yes, sometimes it’s hard. Really hard. But it’s possible – and that’s the part I’m interested in showing to the world.

Things I love with all my heart:

  • The first half of every fantasy football season.
  • Beginnings. The beginning of the week. The beginning of the month. A new idea. A new project. A blank page. It’s all ripe with possibility. And that’s my jam.
  • Deep and insightful talks with my best friends – followed by glasses of wine and what can only be described as echoing witchy cackles.
  • A book that’s good enough to drown out the sound of 3 really loud children.
  • Being an introvert and finally having reached a point in my life where I can enforce those boundaries without feeling like there’s something inherently wrong with me.
  • Anything that reminds me that I’m free and that any limitations I feel, are self imposed.

Beyond all that, I’m just a regular gal who started about 4 years ago with a big vision. A vision that I brought to life through journaling, vision writing and most importantly – being real with myself about the bullshit stories I had been telling myself that were holding me back. Oh and throw in A LOT of perseverance.

Since conceiving that vision, I co-created a real-estate investment company that’s done almost $1.4m in real estate deals in only a few years.

I also created Herstory Now. This space was born from my realization that any woman can change her life when she’s willing to rewrite what she believes is possible for herself and she’s determined to go after it with her whole heart.

So, if there’s a stirring in your soul telling you there’s more to life than what you’re living; if divine discontent is beckoning you put your big dreams into motion, then you’re in the right place.

Let me tell you about a few things I believe in waaay down deep:

Freedom. I BELIEVE women need freedom like we need air. There’s nothing we can’t do when we remove the restraints of the definitions imposed by everyone else. Through freedom we create. We create the lives we want to live. And in doing that we create a world full of possibility for everyone. Because when we look at where we’ve been as individuals, and we take responsibility for where we’re at, then we can take control of where we’re going. And that means collectively we can rise up together to guide the future.

Voice. I BELIEVE every woman has a voice and that the time is NOW to stand and speak up. To step into that scary space of judgement, with the very real possibility of being misunderstood – but to speak up anyway. For every time you wanted to speak up and didn’t. For every time you were afraid to embody your radiance. We live in a very loud world, and it’s as important as it has ever been to have a voice and to be prepared to use it.

Vision. I BELIEVE with vision, comes clarity. It opens your mind to all the possibilities your life can have. It keeps you forward facing. It gives you a destination so you don’t get lost chasing things you only think you want.

Sisterhood. I BELIEVE every woman should have a group of friends who would move heaven and earth to support each other and their dreams. I want women to recognize the strength that happens when women support other women. When we hear each other. See each other. When we stand together, unified for our dreams, for our future, for the life we want, and for the world we want to create. I want women to experience the power of uniting in a way that propels each individual forward. As a collective we are UNSTOPPABLE.

These things consume my mind. Because I believe we have a responsibility to ourselves to create the lives we want to live. It’s really that simple.

HerStory is the crossroads of my biggest dreams and deepest desires. It’s my divine mission on the planet – to create an expansive space for women who are as devoted to freedom as I am.

This is for the women who are compelled to rise.

HerStory honors all things sacred about being a woman; about walking your own path; about bringing into the world whatever you’ve been called to do. Whatever you WANT to do.

And what do I WANT?

I want ritual and prayer. I want to dance around a fire and feel the heat of intention.

I want to hear the sound of my own heart.

I want it to guide me.

And I want you there too.


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