What's your story?

That back chatter always going on in your mind – well, that’s your story. 

And that story is the driving force of your entire life. It’s the single thing standing between you and the life and business you know you’re meant for.


With my ‘6 Prompts to Shift your Story’ journaling pages, you can uncover the story that’s keeping you stuck and rewrite in a way makes your success inevitable. 

Hey! I’m Julie Mac. Former 9-5’er turned full time entrepreneur. A few short years ago, I was just a woman with a dream of quitting a job I hated. Now I’m running a full time real estate investment business and helping other women who also have a dream of turning their side hustle into their main hustle.

I share my journey here, because I believe any woman can take control of her life when she’s willing to rewrite what she believes is possible for herself and is determined to go after it with all she’s got. Welcome!